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Spelling Bee
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Friday, November 22, 2019
Spelling Bee Winner and Runner Up
Spelling Bee Winner and Runner Up

The annual Spelling Bee for 3rd-5th students was held November 21st.  After fifteen rounds, Kyla F. became the champion and Neveah D. the runner up.  Both girls will attend the RCSS County Spelling Bee February 4th at the Sunset Theatre.

Spelling Bee Participants
Haedyn M. - Mrs. Allred's Class
Gavin H. - Mrs. Davidson's Class
Kyla F. - Mrs. Skeen's Class
Rayne H. - Mrs. Slimmer's Class
Jenna M. - Mr. Murphy's Class
Teagan H. - Mrs. Swaney's Class
Randall M. - Mrs. Simpson's Class
Neveah D. - Ms. Athay's Class

Spelling Bee Alternates
Brady C. - Mrs. Allred's Class
Dani J. - Mrs. Davidson's Class
Myles F. - Mrs. Skeen's Class
Aiden H. - Mrs. Slimmer's Class
Noah B. - Mr. Murphy's Class
Zoe W. - Mrs. Swaney's Class
Jenna G. - Ms. Athay's Class

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